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Last update: September 24, 2016
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September 24, 2016: With a new host, I've reuploaded my homepage/archive.  The site is mostly as it was in 2009, with some minor edits, removing some references to the old servers, and attempts to make sure everything works.  If anything is broken, let me know.
Some of my newer stories can be found on my page, here.  I may add them to this page at some point (if I don't revise it, first).


Today's posting is the prologue for an 'experimental' Ranma / Futari wa PreCure crossover, "My Life in the Garden of Rainbows." plus a few quick-colored sketches I put together for it a few months ago.

I'm making a change to the contact email addresses: the primary contact address for me will be my gmail address ( ).  My Yahoo address ( ) will be the secondary. 
As usual, if you want to email me, be sure that your Subject: line is clear and relevant to what you want to discuss, and that it does NOT look like the title of any sort of spam mail, so that your mail doesn't annoy my anti-spam measures. ^_^;  For example: "Hi" and "Your site" would not be recommended.
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Yes, A Goddess' Dilemma is still on hiatus, for the time being.

Twenty Year Anniversary

- That's right; as of 2013, I've been writing anime/manga fanfiction for twenty years. (My first story being Bubblegum Splash!, in 1993.)  O_O

This page is currently (always!) under construction. Suggestions, comments? Email me at or if the first address doesn't work.

I've removed the MIDI-playing routines from this page as it probably created a fair amount of overhead when loading the page, and because I'm splitting more of the page off into sub-pages. (I have no intention of setting up frames, though. ^_^) As a way of saying thanks again to ST for creating his own rendition of the Sailor Stars Song and letting me use it on these pages, I'm leaving the zip archive of it posted for all to download.

Download (9K)

Anime Fanfiction Stories

(Note: For the sake of everyone's sanity - including mine - I've done away with the GZip files and all of the stories are now presented here as plain text, unless stated otherwise.)

These stories are essentially the same as the versions stored in the rec.arts.anime.creative archives, except for a few changes in editing, email address, etc.

Bubblegum Splash!

What happens when you mix the worlds of Bubblegum Crisis/Crash! and Ranma 1/2, adding in references to other series, manga, games, and more? ......I'm not sure. You're supposed to get Bubblegum Splash!, but I may have made a mistake in the recipe somewhere... hmm...

Click HERE to go to the Bubblegum Splash! page.

Ranma 1/2: Destiny's Wish

Given a single wish to change the Past but not Destiny, Saotome Nodoka tries to change the Past so that Ranma is never taken from her. But she is unaware of the consequences of her wish, and what is to happen as a result...

Click HERE to go to the Destiny's Wish page.

Aa! Megamisama/Ranma: Instruments of Change

After spending nearly seventeen years "lost in the system," Belldandy, Urd and Skuld's sister - the Goddess of Change - is finally found... and her return triggers an array of changes, even in her own life.

Click HERE to go to the Instruments of Change page.

Aa! Megamisama/Ranma: A Goddess' Dilemma

With all the Change that has occurred in Akane's - and the other Goddesses' - lives, will she grow farther apart from Ranma?  Or will the Ultimate Force keep them together... somehow?
(Note: This is a sequel to Instruments of Change, so it might be a good idea to read that, first.)

Part One

Ranma/Futari wa PreCure: My Life in the Garden of Rainbows

After a disastrous trip to Jhusenkyou, Ranma's mother offers her a chance at a new life - as Misumi Nagisa.  But is the chaos of her 'previous life' about to let her live in peace?  


Image: Nagisa (Ranma) - Verone Girls' Academy uniform
Image: Nagisa (Ranma) - Casual clothes
Image: Cure Black (Ranma)

Sailor Moon/Ranma: A Call To Action

It's easy to believe you've seen it all, more so to act as if you have. But Tendo Nabiki, who's hiding a few complex secrets of her own, comes closer to that claim than one might believe.

Click HERE to go to the A Call To Action page.

Sailor Moon S: Digital Moon

Sure, role-playing games and adventure games are fun, but what if you were Usagi Tsukino - otherwise known as Sailor Moon - and your best friend, Naru, literally disappears into one... following the path of several other gamers in Tokyo? How will Naru and the Sailor Senshi survive?

Part 1 HTML Version
Part 2 HTML Version

Digital Moon: Remix

Image: Chelise

Sailor Moon S: Thanks for the Memories


One of the Sailor Senshi endures a terrible accident... but is she the only one affected?

Thanks for the Memories was awarded the Jacon's Anime Fan Fiction Award for the month of September, 1997.

Part 1 HTML Version
Part 2 HTML Version

Image: Makoto in Juuban uniform

Sailor Moon S: A New Quest

A return visit to Ondyre finds that it isn't exactly as everyone left it; a lot has changed. Two people from Earth embark on a new adventure in the world of Ondyre.

Click HERE to go to the A New Quest page.


My RanMoon Project Stories

The Ranma Preludes: Tendo
My entry in the Ranma Preludes project. Click HERE to go to the official Ranma Preludes page.

A Kunoichi, Far From Home
A Ranma/Final Fantasy VII ideafic.  

Whose Nightmare is it, Anyway?
A Sailor Moon R spamfic. Maybe, just maybe, turning Chibi-Usa into a child of the Darkness wasn't such a good idea...

The Gallery

Click HERE to go to the Gallery.

Future Projects / Coming Soon (?)

A Call To Action, Part Seven

Around... 45-50% complete, though I'm not sure. ^_^
Note: Currently on hold.  I have no intention to stop the series, though.

A Goddess' Dilemma, Part Two

(Currently on hiatus.)

RanMoon Project Stories

Mercury's Song, Part Five

The Cost of Silence, Part Two

(Plus a 'few' other secret projects and the occasional odd idea.)

(All titles and stories are subject to change. ^_^)

My WWW Links Page (disabled for now)


Special thanks: David Wills, Robert Geiger, Richard Beaubien, Ed Little, Tom Kinnen, Tom Williams, Edison Pongklub, Artemis & Luna, YOKOI, ST, Quick Clips. And to everyone else who's reading this page, as well... drop me a note to let me know you've visited, I don't have a counter! ^_^ Also, a special thanks to Tom Kinnen for providing the original server space for this page.

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